At Luminosa, we advise all of our bridal and special occasion clients to prepare their face and hair to make sure our beautiful makeup and Hairstyles will last all day. Day before Appointment: Hair is to be washed and dried, with only leave-in-moisturizer/heat protectant applied. If your hair is naturally very curly and you are wanting to wear a smooth style, we recommend having it blow-dried smooth to assist us in styling. Day of Appointment: Face is to be clean, with no moisturisers or products used as one of our artists will apply a moisturiser prior to makeup application. Please...

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When having a spray tan, we at Luminosa recommend taking certain steps to prepare your skin prior, and certain steps to maintain your skin afterwards to help prolong the life of your tan. Any shaving or waxing is to be done 24hrs prior to your spray tan. Exfoliation is to be done the day before, avoiding bar soaps and moisturizing scrubs that leave a residue on the skin. We also have exfoliating mitts available for purchase to assist in removing any previous spray tan. It is best to be freshly showered prior to your appointment and ensure there is no deodorant, lotion or perfumed...

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