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Where to Park?

  • We advise all clients the best and most accessible parking is the Bus Interchange, on Neil Street. Entry to the car park is through Chronicle Lane, and up the ramp to the right. There are 2 levels of available parks, and the stairs will bring you out in the alleyway and we are located in the left side of the arcade.
  • There are also car parks on Neil Street opposite the Empire Theatre, but as this is a 5-10min walk away, please be aware to factor this into your arrival time.



  • We recommend arriving to your appointment 5min early, please also allow time for unexpected timing issues, i.e. traffic, finding a park etc.
  • Your appointment will be 60min long for makeup only, or 120min long for Hair + Makeup. As we are back to back, appointment wise, please be aware we are only able to do one makeup/hair look with no changes.
  • If you haven’t had a trial, or have come in for a chat with us, please be aware we will be limited in what we can do in the time frame. Please have clear pictures, and/or ideas of what style you are wanting.
  • If you are coming from another appointment, Hair/Makeup etc, and know you will be running late, please phone 0400 422 125 to let us know so our stylists can be prepared.
  • If you are late to your appointment, it takes away available time with your stylist, and your look will have to be adjusted accordingly.


Hair/Makeup Preparation

  • Hair Prep:

Hair is to be washed and dried the day before, with only leave-in-moisturizer/heat protectant applied. If your hair is naturally very curly and you are wanting to wear a smooth style, we recommend having it blow-dried smooth to assist us in styling.

  • Makeup Prep:

Face is to be clean, with no moisturisers or products used. Please make sure you have no leftover mascara residue on lash line as this will hinder and lengthen our prep process.


What to Wear?

  • Make sure to wear a button up or loose-necked top that you can remove easily after the makeup and hair is completed, without damaging the styles.


Please be aware that our makeup/hair chairs are a NO PHONE Zone.  If you have your head down, or are constantly moving your head it makes it very hard for us to do our job, and quite often a hair or makeup look will go through a "transition" stage, before it all comes together, and can look quite "unfinished" before lashes and lipstick etc. is applied. We appreciate your trust in our skills, and want to do the best possible job for you.


As this year is slightly different, we ask that no extra guests are to be in the salon (due to COVID restrictions). There are a few cafes nearby in walking distance that are perfect for relaxing while the girls get glammed! 

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