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Velvet Concepts Brush Set

  • F5 - Correct and Conceal Brush - Achieve blended, concealed perfection when concealing by using this firm, tapered brush by targeting shadows, blemishes, and corners of eyes or tiny scars. 

  • L1 - Lip Precision Brush - A firm brush perfect for depositing even colour and tracing the contours of your lip. Its tapered brush head and long handle provides expert control and precision. 

  • E1 - Soft Crease Blending Brush - Perfectly designed for eye shadow. The slightly stiffer bristles and rounded head does all the blending and work for you. Easily sweep colour into your crease or eye area and effortlessly blend it out in windsweeper motions.

  • E2 - Precision Eyeshadow Brush - A flat and firm tapered brush for all-over eye shadow application. This brush is ideal for applying cream and powder eye shadow and its size is perfect for achieving a moderate to intense colour payoff.

  • E3 - Brow and Liner Angle Brush - Use with cream and gel products. The angled liner fits perfectly along the lash line providing ultimate precision every time. Its shape also allows you to create individual brow hairs for precision brow shaping.

  • F1 - Luxe finishing Brush - A luxuriously soft, domed brush that effortlessly applies and blends powder for a perfectly blurred finish. Apply loose and pressed powder with this brush. It’s ideal for creating that natural soft focus effect.

  • F2 - Airbrush Effect Brush - This is the perfect brush for use all over the face. With its densely packed, lavishly soft bristles it provides a flawless airbrushed application of foundation, powder and mineral make up products. 

  • F3 - Cheek Sculpting Brush - Featuring an angled brush top it’s designed to expertly sculpt the contours of the face, diffusing contour and blush to a natural finish. Suitable for use with powders including bronzer, blush and highlighter. 

  • F4 - Foundation and Creme Brush - A classically cut tapered paddle brush that can be used with cream and liquid foundation. The incredibly soft bristles aid in creating a perfectly blended complexion, evenly covering all areas of the face.