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SALT Dewtown Kombucha Serum

Move along spicy skin. Your new skincare partner in crime has arrived! 

Meet Dewtown Kombucha Serum; booster of brightness, lipid barrier superhero and all-round cool girl to soothe and hose down fiery skin like coconut in a chilli margarita. She might be pretty (duh), but she can also speak the love language of a skin barrier every day of the week.

This supercharged, super-clever serum is formulated to aid in brightening, soothing, balancing, rejuvenating and repairing/protecting the lipid barrier (helllllooo barrier health); developed for all our BFF’s with skin that doesn’t always play nice.

Her white, pearl-like gel texture glides on and soaks in like a dream, while her unscented formula helps her play nice for all skin types.

Serving up some killer actives:

PROBIOTIC - Lactococcus Ferment Lysate is a probiotic that helps to maximise the benefits of “Good Bacteria” that our skin needs to stay plump and youthful amongst other awesome things.

KOMBUCHA - Gold Star ingredient Kombucha takes 5 steps forward and NO steps back! She contains organic acids and natural probiotics to work to maintain the natural of the balance of the skin… yes meaning she works to lessen breakouts and sensitivity!

NIACINAMIDE - A superstar form of Vitamin B3, which helps to manage hyperpigmentation and redness – did someone say they’d love brighter skin?!

APPLE EXTRACT - Just your every-day fruit? No way José, this little quiet achiever aims to help your complexion along as well as your skin from environmental impacts.

DAVIDSON’S PLUM - An A-Beauty star who doesn’t just win Oscars, she is also known to be anti-inflammatory and can help with redness (plus lots of swell things like antioxidant-rich properties).

HYALURONIC ACID - Moisture (humectant) heavy lifter to help your skin look fresh and locking in water that helps skin looking fresh and that R word (radiant).

PINEAPPLE EXTRACT - This golden goddess is antioxidant and Vitamin C rich plus it is a natural exfoliant (who would have thought) – who needs old skin cells holding you back from your glowy goals?