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Salt by Hendrix Dew Time

Dew Time Crème is a fragrance free, light-weight barrier strengthening crème that is a perfect option where you don’t need to sacrifice moisture and active ingredients for a lighter weight texture. It offers a silky, soft gel crème and is formulated for premium barrier and complexion support.

Barrier supporting ingredients are crucial to skin health as it will help protect the skin from external stressors, assist to help prevent moisture loss, keep the skin hydrated and healthy overall which plays such an important role in your skincare routine.

Dew Time uses a clinically studied 5% encapsulated complex containing Ceramide NG, Phytosphingosine and cholesterol that aims to improve the skin barrier and boosts the skin’s own ceramide production. These active ingredients are especially beneficial for those with dry, and sensitive skin, equally as we age, we often have lower levels of ceramides in our skin. Ceramides and Cholesterol are powerful players as they can help to restore the skin's natural balance and promote a healthier complexion and can help improve the texture and appearance of the skin.

Dew Time includes a series of clinically studied active ingredients to support and promote a healthy, happy and radiant complexion including:
  • 5% Encapsulated barrier conditioning (ceramide) complex that targets improving the skin barrier and aims to boost the skin’s own ceramide production
  • 3% Fermentation (kombucha) complex – targets skin smoothness, brightness and radiance
  • 5% Vegetable protein hydrolysate that offers exceptional film-forming properties and assists with the appearance of smooth skin
  • 0.5% Heptapeptide-8 complex which is formulated to enhance the integrity of the skin and improve its function through the dermal-epidermal junction