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Salt by Hendrix Aurora Cloud Cream

Aurora Cloud Crème is a fragrance free, lipid-rich crème sent from the most pillowy clouds in the sky. This beautiful crème has been carefully formulated for what skin dreams are made of; lipid boosting and hydrating ingredients, leaving the skin feeling supple with its cloud-like texture whilst working to promote a protected skin barrier and goal of healthy, luminous skin.

This skin barrier targeting crème is formulated with clinically studied ingredients at their clinically studied levels including a barrier conditioning complex that includes powerhouse Ceramide NG, a skin conditioning complex that aims to improve the appearance of fine lines, a botanical lipid complex to promote a healthy lipid profile as well as a biolipid complex to assist with maintaining a healthy skin barrier and Rosella extract that can assist with re-hydration of the skin. Aurora Cloud also uses premium humectants along with a modern plant derived occlusive to prevent transepidermal water loss and provide additional barrier support to the skin.

Aurora Cloud includes a series of clinically studied active ingredients to support and promote a healthy, happy and radiant complexion including:

  • 2% Barrier conditioning complex for barrier support with Ceramide NG along with peptide to target the appearance of fine lines
  • 3% Skin conditioning complex that uses two different peptides to target the appearance of fine lines
  • 3% Patented lipid complex that aims to deliver the skin surface lipid profile of a healthy young adult
  • 2% Biolipid complex to help with providing a protective barrier against dehydration
  • 1% Australian Rosella extract complex that has been clinically shown to offer long lasting hydration to the skin