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Refresh Eye Mask

Did someone say girls’ night in? Introducing my Refresh Eye Mask with Cucumber Extract and Vitamin E. Finally, an alternative to placing cucumbers over your eyes, this mask is for the pamper junkie. Cucumber, Vitamin E, Retinol and Hyaluronic Acid work to soothe your under eye area and wipe away tired eyes. So sit back, with a glass of wine, and let my masks work their magic. 5 sets included.


Cucumber is known for its cooling properties and to relieve tired and stressed skin. It also helps hydrate and soothe.



Vitamin E will block free radicals, which helps slow down the skin's ageing process. This ingredient may also help reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and keep skin looking youthful.

Vitamin E


Hyaluronic Acid can assist in reducing wrinkles, in addition to defying the signs of ageing. When tested, this ingredient has assisted in smoothing wrinkles and lines, leaving the skin firm.

Hyaluronic Acid


One of the most powerful ingredients in fighting fine lines, and signs of ageing, Retinol works to bring life back to the under-eye area.