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Glisten up ladies, it’s time to get glowing.

Whether you're prepping for summer or simply want a year-round vacay glow, the luxe Afterglow Skin Finishing Gloss is set to become your new skin obsession. The brightening impact of shimmering crushed minerals will take you from ‘washed out’ to ‘bathed in radiant sunlight’ in seconds.

Can’t stand that greasy, suffocating sensation on your skin? Neither can we. This silky finishing gloss glides effortlessly onto the skin for a luminous glow that feels as light as air. Each micro-fine drop floats over the skin, leaving nothing but a sheer tint of colour for a gloriously youthful sheen any time of the year.

If you love what highlighter does to your cheekbones - who doesn't? - you’re going to fall head over heels when you use our illuminating gloss all over your body. Skin gloss is the closest you’ll come to wrapping your limbs in a shimmer veil that’ll have you looking on-point from sunlight to spotlight. You’re welcome.

Divine, according to the reviews

How often
Whenever you need a hint of summer glow

How long
Washes off in the shower

Goddess: champagne pearl shimmer, just like you’ve been dipped in an angel bath
Empress: warm, golden J-Lo vibes