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1.3 Angled Contour Brush

Use The 1.3 Angled Contour Brush For Both Light Contouring Up To The Full On Instagram Contouring Makeup  Application 

Designed not only to apply but also blend products during applicationThanks to its unique specific shape this brush perfectly adapts to the facial contours.The 1.3 Angled Contour Brush flatters cheeks, chin and temples with the softest natural-synthetic hair blend and allows even contouring. Easy to use even if you have never previously used a contour brush. This brush adjusts easily to any face shape and additionally is an excellent tool for applying blush or bronzer.

Perfect for personal use or on Vegan clients that don't want animal hair brushes used. These brushes suit everyone and every situation making them the perfect all rounders for your collection.

  • Accredited Cruelty-free - No animal was harmed in the making of this product
  • Accredited Vegan - No animal product was used in the making of this product