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Bridal and Special Occasion Hair and Makeup Preparation


At Luminosa, we advise all of our bridal and special occasion clients to prepare their face and hair to make sure our beautiful makeup and Hairstyles will last all day.

Day before Appointment:

Hair is to be washed and dried, with only leave-in-moisturizer/heat protectant applied. If your hair is naturally very curly and you are wanting to wear a smooth style, we recommend having it blow-dried smooth to assist us in styling.

Day of Appointment:

Face is to be clean, with no moisturisers or products used as one of our artists will apply a moisturiser prior to makeup application. Please make sure you have no leftover mascara residue on lash line as this will hinder and lengthen our prep process.

Make sure to wear a button up or loose-necked top that you can remove easily after the makeup and hair is completed, without damaging the styles.

Please have teeth brushed and be prepared before your time slot, (this includes going to the bathroom and eating) as we run on a time schedule and want everything to run smoothly.