Tips for Glasses Wearers

For us bespectacled ladies, one of the hardest things we come across daily is doing our makeup. For one thing, if you are as blind as a bat like I am, even being able to see your face clearly in the mirror is a struggle, let alone making sure your face is on fleek! For this reason I have compiled some handy tips to help make your makeup pop, and some tricks specifically tailored for glasses wearers.
To begin, you need to determine whether you need to define or open your eyes. Farsighted ladies will find that the glasses magnification will make the eyes look bigger and tend to be blurry, whereas nearsighted ladies will find their eyes look smaller. Another important tip is to make sure you are drinking enough water, as dehydrated skin around the eyes tends to look crepey, which will be magnified by your glasses.
Magnifying mirrors are a glasses wearers best friend, as they allow you to do your makeup without having to being an inch away from the mirror. Using a light hand is also important, as it is easier to build up on product gradually, then have to remove it all and start again because it looks too heavy. Concealer is especially obvious when applied too heavily, as it will look cakey and will quite often crease.
Glasses tend to throw dark shadows around the eyes, so one of the best ways to combat this is a brightening concealer and/or colour correctors. Using a concealer a few shades lighter than your skin, and if need be a peach-toned colour corrector, you can brighten the area under your eyes and counteract those dark shadows.
To avoid that “glasses slippage” or the dreaded pink marks left by your glasses nose-pieces, a great little trick is to set the nose area with a powder and a damp sponge, otherwise known as the “baking” technique. This will give the nose pieces something extra to stick to, and will keep your nose area from becoming too oily, or slippery. Another tip is to roll a beauty sponge over your nose and the tops of your cheeks after applying your base, to lift any excess product and prevent it from transferring onto your glasses.
Another struggle glasses wearers find are their lashes smudging against the lenses of their glasses. The solution to this is curling your natural/or false lashes, clamping at the base to give that extra lift. Also by only using mascara on the top lashes your eyes will look larger and more open.
When it comes to defining your eyes behind glasses, less is best and neutral colours will be your best friend. Champagne, pearl, and rose gold Shimmers are great for drawing the eyes in, and using a shimmer on the inner corner and under the bottom lash line really opens the eye as well. A nude coloured eyeliner in the waterline is also great for opening up the eyes and making them look bigger.
When using eyeliner, it is best to line the entire top lash, focusing on a thin line on the inner corner, becoming thicker on the outer edge, to help the eye look more elongated and stand out. If you are intimidated by liquid liner, a soft smudged pencil or powder liner in the same shape will give you the same effect. It is important to balance your liner and glasses frames though, as a thin liner will sometimes get lost if wearing thick frames.
Finally it is also important to frame your face when wearing glasses. This is done by making sure your brows are kept tidy and shaped well, whether by a great brow wax and tint, or even shaping them with a brow powder or pencil. Blush placed on the apples of the cheeks will frame the bottom of your glasses, and give your face a beautiful flushed look.
Hopefully these tips have given you some extra hints when next attacking your makeup, and any further questions or queries, don't hesitate to pop down to the salon!!
Vanessa xx

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