Spotlight On... Primer

Ever wonder why we should use primer, or what primer is best for your skin? Here is a little run down for you...
A Foundation Primer is the base layer of your makeup. It creates a smooth finish for all of your further products to adhere to, and helps your makeup stay in place for longer. Primers can also be used on your lips and eyes to make your eyeshadow pop and keep lipstick from bleeding.
Primers aren’t just a one size fits all product. They come in a variety of textures and forms, and different primers suit different skin types. For example, someone with oily-prone skin would suit to a mattifying primer, as this will help control the shine, absorb any excess oil and minimize pores and fine lines. Whereas someone wanting more of a dewy/glowy look to their makeup could use an illuminating or brightening primer, to give the skin a healthy luminescent glow from within.
Not sure what primer is best for you? Book in for a complimentary consultation and we can have a play and show you the different types available!
Vanessa xx

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