Pixi Ultimate Beauty Kit - 4th Edition


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Build your makeup wardrobe with these Best of Pixi goodies!
8 Mesmerizing Mineral Palettes, 2 Beauty Bronzers, 2 Beauty Blush Duo’s and 2 Highlighter shades all combined in our 2017 Ultimate Beauty Kit!

8 Mesmerizing Mineral Palettes: Copper Peach, Plum Quartz, Silky Sky, Mineral Contour, Opal Glow, Amethyst Aura, Aquamarine Dream, Sunset Mattes
• 6 Mineral Eye Shades in each palette + Duo Applicator
• Makeover your gaze with these pretty eye palettes
• Mineral formula reflects light away from imperfections while gemstone-inspired tones enhance your natural eye beauty
• Six silky coordinated shades to use together or solo plus a dup ended applicator for fast & fuss free application
• Shades specifically coordinated for foolproof eye enhancement
• Not tested on animals
• Paraben free
• 5.76g / 0.20oz

2 Beauty Bronzers: Summertime and Subtly Suntouched
• This deluxe bronzing powder gives your complexion the warmth and luminosity of naturally sunkissed skin 
• Hydrating, silky-smooth & long-wearing, it also protects against free radicals
• Not tested on animals

2 Beauty Blush Duo’s: Rose Gold and Peach Honey
• Two super silky powders give cheeks a flawless, fresh finish
• The natural mineral formula is infused with vitamin E and mica, so skin is treated as you wear it
• Hydrating, long-wearing and light-diffusing. 
• Not tested on animals

2 Highlighter shades: Light Glow and Bare Glow
• This velvety soft highlighter adds a hint of glow, creating a luminous effect
• Silky soft blush adds sheer colour for perfectly rosy cheeks
• Created by Aspyn for all skin tones
• Not tested on animals