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L'amour de Soi Essential Oil Mist

Spritz your way to self-love, beautiful skin and emotional balance 

Imagine the sweet and sensual scent of nagchampa, rose otto, sweet orange and jasmine; pair it with antioxidant-rich ylang ylang, and finish it off with calming lavender, and you've got a good idea of what L’amour de soi Aroma Face and Body Mist is all about (hint: it’s hella good for your senses and skin).  

A botanical mist with an exotic fusion of essential oils to smooth and deeply hydrate skin in seconds, minimising the tell-tale signs of ageing (we’re looking at you, wrinkles!) 

It wouldn't be part of the VANI-T line-up if it didn’t also celebrate the ethos of self-care. L’amour de soi Aroma Face and Body Mist has been crafted to help you mindfully connect with yourself. Use this essential oil infused mist when you want to open your heart, imbue your space with positive energy, or treat your skin to a refreshing and regenerative burst of pure love.  

Musky, sweet, sensual and floral

How often: 
Whenever your mood needs a wake-up call or a dash of self-love