Coco Luxed Complexion Perfection Body Wash


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Coco Luxed Complexion Perfection – our faux glow loving shower essential is scientifically formulated to gently cleanse sunless tanned skin whilst ensuring skin is hydrated and nourished. Containing the MOST natural and hydrating of ingredients, this Complexion Perfection Tan Saving Body Wash will extend the life of your healthy tan glow while improving your complexion, leaving your skin fresh, glowing, and feeling silky. Combining mild and gentle skin cleansers, Complexion Perfection shower gel is perfectly pH-balanced to prevent stripping the skin’s natural oils, helping to create the perfect base for sunless tan application.  

The intense hydration of avocado and coconut oils specifically chosen to keep skin nourished, work to ensure a more even fade as your tan wears.