• If you constantly struggle to find the perfect foundation
• If you can't find find a foundation for your skin type or texture
• If the lightest shade in about every brand is still too dark for you
• If you have no idea what shade to even buy off the shelf
• If you have a drawer full of unused makeup and are tired of wasting money 


Skin in a Bottle Its what our clients fondly call their Melli Custom Blend Foundation. If you've ever suffered from the dreaded tide mark on the jawline or have felt too muddy, or even pink. Maybe you're tanned on the chest but fair on your face. Don't worry, we know just what to do for you!
Do you find that a tinted moisturizer is not enough coverage but alot of foundations on the market are 'cake-face' and you want something in between?
If you're one of our ultra fair skinned beauties then we can just about guarantee that finding an extremely porcelain foundation that doesn't throw pink,yellow or orange on you is like winning the lottery. ​
But...its not only about creating the perfect shade for you but also the perfect texture. Coverage that feels and looks like SKIN and this is just what we specialize in!!
  Free of:


• Mineral & Botanical Ingredients  
• Sensitive skin? You are in the right place!
• Rosacea? Our skin loving formulas will work wonders for your skin.


Anti-Aging? Well we'd love to say its Botox in a bottle. But.. having a foundation created for you with just the right amount of moisture, luminous without looking shiny is just about as close as you will get . We do add Anti-aging skincare into your foundation so whilst your wearing a Melli custom blend foundation you're treating your skin. Gotta love that!