Pixi AM PM Checklist

With the fabulously positive response from our amazing new skincare range Pixi By Petra, here is a helpful checklist to make it super simple to remember which order to use your goodies in!!


These are your morning products list. Begin by cleansing with your choice of cleanser, following with the Glow Tonic, your serum of choice, and finishing with a moisturizer to lock in all the goodness! 


 This is your PM routine. Begin by taking off your makeup, if wearing any, with a makeup wipe or the Number 1 half of the Double Cleanse. Follow up with either Number 2 of Double Cleanse or your cleanser of choice. Then its Glow Tonic time, followed by your serum of choice. Finish up with either the Rose Oil blend, Beauty Sleep Cream or h2O SkinDrink if you are prone to oiliness. 


This is your once or twice a week checklist, perfect for those Friday nights when you have a little extra time up your sleeves. Begin with cleansing the face, following with Glow Tonic, then choosing your mask of choice. After rinsing off the mask, finish up with either the Rose Oil blend, Beauty Sleep Cream or h2O SkinDrink.


Hope this helps keep all your beautiful Pixi Goodies nice and organised!!

Ness, Ellie and Dani xx 


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