I AM... An Award Winning Makeup Artist

Some people like to set New Years Resolutions every year, and most years I do as well. Earlier this year Ellie sat me down and said "This year we are setting goals." GOALS. Something I LOVE LOVE LOVE. We sat and discussed and laughed whilst setting some personal and professional goals that I would like to achieve in 2018. Goal number 12 on this list was Enter a Makeup Competition. Ellie being Ellie, said to challenge myself and change it to say "I am an award winning Makeup Artist." 

6 months passed and we sat down to check my progress with my goals and were able to tick off a few that I had already accomplished. We noticed that this number 12 goal was still sitting there, ready to achieve. So off I went, researching what competitions were out there and available to enter. After not having much belief in myself and taking my sweet a$$ time, Ellie informed me that she had registered me for the Brisbane Hair and Beauty Expo online photographic Makeup Competition, finishing by saying "You got this, believe in yourself."

So, a little nervous and anxious, I began exploring my creative process and playing around with random concepts I associated with my chosen element "Earth". I came to the decision I was going to try and create a succulent garden on a model's face. After a play and a practice run on a colleagues arm, I knew I was ready. 

I booked our amazing photographer and friend, Theresa Hall, to photograph my shoot, and felt organised and ready to go. Two days out from the shoot though, I saw an amazing picture of Ayers Rock when it rains. I quickly changed my mind and knew that this was what I had to recreate. 

Driving to the salon on shoot day, I continued to tell myself "Danielle get it together, you can do this, you actually have no choice." Unintentional thank you to the driver who slammed on his brakes that morning on the road, nearly causing me to crash my car. My poor luscious succulents flew off the seat beside me on to the floor, snapping their leaves and causing a massive mess. This meant that Ayers Rock look was now the main look. Calming my panic, I completed the first look with out any practice, just winging it. I saved what succulents I had left, and followed up with my garden look for backup, just in case.  

I emailed my looks through, and messaged the organizer 24 hrs later, stating I would like to only enter the Ayers Rock look, instead of both. 

3 weeks had passed and I hadn't heard anything. I was so happy that I had just entered the competition, not expecting to place. I awoke a few days later to about 100 happy messages from Ness and Ellie trying to wake me to tell me the amazing news that I had WON! The email stated 1st Place, Danielle from Luminosa. I cried so much I could barely catch my breath, I was so happy. 

Today I will stand on stage, nervous and anxious, to celebrate my win; thinking to myself, Self Belief is so important and I can achieve anything I put my mind to. 

Ellie, thank you for being an amazing mentor. Thank you to my model Raylene for being patient with me when you had corn syrup dripping in your eyes. And thank you to my amazing photographer Theresa Hall for taking such incredible photos. 

Love Dani,

"An award winning Makeup Artist" xx



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