Formal Week 2017 Posted on 19 Nov 22:06

Wow what a week... 55 makeups, 8 litres of tan, 40kgs of towels washed & hundreds of beautiful formal girls later! Its safe to say Formal Week 2017 was a huge success! I LOVE formal week. It's always held a special place in my heart as my first makeups were formal makeups - I love seeing the girls all dressed up and the excitement of reaching a major milestone and hearing all of their achievements and goals and dreams for the future. 

I have to say a massive thank you to my team this week... 

Dani our baby MUA kicked some personal goals this week - we have been working tirelessly over the last 6 months to get her formal week ready. To say I am proud is an understatement Dani's work produced is of AMAZING quality but not only that she was so cool, calm and collected in the midst of what is a stressful week. I love watching our girl go from strength to strength and listen, learn and grow - Big things coming for this babe in 2018!

The stunning Isabelle - Makeup by Dani


Vanessa our senior makeup artist KILLED it this week. Our week was HUGE which meant there was no time for breaks. Ness came in early and stayed back late with me so everything got done and the days ran smoothly. Ness nailed all of her clients this week and stayed super upbeat even when our brains and bodies were failing us haha! So thankful for you and all that you do for Luminosa you go above and beyond and its rare to find that!

The beautiful Brianna - Makeup & Hair by Ness 

I am super lucky to have some amazing friends as well that offered to come and help out this week - This is what happens when you put your bestie Natalie on social media duties... this bubble of fun made our busiest day the best day and we have a million photos of her with all of our clients testing out the new ring lights lol! 

Then there is my BFF Tiffany -Tiff & I met 12yrs ago when we worked together at Heritage. It was pretty awesome to have my besties by my side and can't wait to celebrate surviving formal week with them! Anyone that knows Tiffany knows her organisation skills are on point so she was the perfect choice to keep the salon looking amaze (me and the girls couldn't find anything after she was in cos it all has a new and very sensible spot) Tiffany thank you for being my biggest fan and for all that you do - you have been there through the highs and the lows and all the inbetween and I love you! ps Thanks to Tiffs hubby for doing the Maccas Nuggy run for us lol

We had so many beautiful clients this week and have loved every minute of being a part of your formal day from the bottom of our hearts THANK YOU and congratulations on your graduation and we cannot wait to follow your journeys from here on into the future!

Keep sending your pics through girls and tagging us @luminosalove on insty and have fun at schoolies and stay safe!

Me and the girls are off to enjoy what is left of our day off - salon is back open 10am-2pm Monday. Next cray cray time XMAS & NY #bringiton


Ellie xx