Our eyes are the window to the soul, correct? So it stands to reason you want to make them as popping and vibrant looking as you can! Becca Cosmetics, one of our favourite brands here in salon, has just launched an amazing little trio of Under Eye brighteners to help us in the ever continual quest for awakened and brightened eyes. 

The first step is de-puffing with the Anti-Fatigue Under Eye Primer. It's infused with matcha green tea and caffeine, and will keep skin looking healthy and to protect the delicate under-eye area from age-inducing free radicals (which pretty much means protecting your skin from damage and prevents unwarranted aging) It also smooths fine lines to help you look more awake.

The next step? Under Eye Brightening Corrector, which is available in two shades: light-medium and medium-dark. It's infused with crushed pearls with peachy undertones, which are there to neutralize darkness under and around the eyes, but doesn't settle into fine lines or wrinkles, instead drawing attention away from the under eye area. 

And finally, you set it all with the Under Eye Brightening Setting Powder. Apply in the morning to set makeup and brighten under your eyes, and throughout the day on any oil-prone areas to weightlessly mattify shine. This setting powder is infused with antioxidant-rich raspberry stem cells and Australian berries, and feels weightless on the skin.

If you struggle with dark under-eye circles, or feel like you are constantly looking a bit tired around the eye area; pop into the salon to try this trio out for yourself today!

Or, if you would like to get your hands on these bad boys straight away, SHOP HERE xx

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